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Mom’s Diary – Aug. 11 to 17, 2023

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Zucchini harvest, naalbinding and attaching tomatoes etc.

There were soooo many zucchini to be harvested. Very likely I will preserve them as a zucchini-tomato sauce and some chutney. I also read that apple-zucchini-chutney was a great thing, well, let’s see :-))) – Also some more tomatoes were ripe. There are not many this year. If I am lucky, I will have quite some green ones by November and maybe can make a chutney from these. The leaves getting yellow need to be removed, and I do this nearly every day, when I see them. Finally, also the pole beans are having some flowers and I hope that it is not going to rain continuously so that they have a chance to be pollinated. The bush beans on the other hand already produced som green beans which I could harvest. The tomato and chili plants need to be attached over and over again. They are growing and tend to fall over. I am also knitting the other sizes of the baby socks for my friend. My husband’s new winter cap also got done in a very old naalbinding technique. The complete video on how to make it will follow.

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