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Hawthorn Berries (1)

Hawthorn berries were once used as a substitute for flour when baking bread. Ignorantly, I dried them and ground them into flour with a coffee grinder. That worked. I substituted only 3 heaping tablespoons of the resulting flour at a time from 400 grams of whole wheat flour, though.

Later I read (where I unfortunately do not remember) that the hawthorn berries are cooked and then passed through a sieve. The resulting pulp is dried and then finely ground in a blender. (I have not yet tried to do this myself). However, I find this preparation quite energy-intensive, especially because it is more difficult to dry in the air in autumn.

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Store grain and more safely

I wanted to share a method that my grandmother passed on to us:

In grain, flour, castings, dried fruit, etc. to be stored, simply add several dried (!) 🌶 hot chillies, black peppercorns and if necessary also a few bay leaves along with them….

Beetles and moths are reliably kept away by this 👍🏼.

Author: Kokosblüte

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