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Beans in 2022

2022 was a truly terrible year for beans. First it was too cold for a long time. Than they were finally in the soil and we had a very long dry and hot period that prevented them from growing, even if I watered them regularly. When they finally started to grow it was too late in the year and it was too cold for bees. I love beans so much. Let’s hope for a better year 2023.

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Medicine and the Schola Medica Salernitana

Again and again, there are currently delivery problems with drugs. A German article re. this topic:

It is time to consult Mother Nature. Unfortunately, much knowledge about our old natural medicine has been lost. Of course we should try to find the information again.

A very interesting document comes from the Schola Medica Salernitana, which initiated the beginning of modern medicine with herbs (modern at that time) in Europe
However, I would be interested in the healing methods of the Celts, because they used the herbs growing in our country (welll in Europe). The Scola Medica Salernitana is a place where to start. By the way, Hildegard von Bingen’s knowledge was based precisely on this “school”.

Picture in the public domain.

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Hawthorn Berries (1)

Hawthorn berries were once used as a substitute for flour when baking bread. Ignorantly, I dried them and ground them into flour with a coffee grinder. That worked. I substituted only 3 heaping tablespoons of the resulting flour at a time from 400 grams of whole wheat flour, though.

Later I read (where I unfortunately do not remember) that the hawthorn berries are cooked and then passed through a sieve. The resulting pulp is dried and then finely ground in a blender. (I have not yet tried to do this myself). However, I find this preparation quite energy-intensive, especially because it is more difficult to dry in the air in autumn.

Image by erwin nowak from Pixabay

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Tooth powder

Or how I clean my teeth

Again an answer to a question in a group. This is my tooth powder and below alternatives to it.


  • 1 Tbsp. of turmeric powder
  • 1/4 Tsp. of finely ground pepper
  • 1 Tbsp. of Himalaya salt (or sea salt or any other whole salt)
  • 1 Tbsp. of baking soda

Mix well and simply add it on the toothbrush. Please note that tumeric will stain your clothes in case you get a drop of this on them.

Another possibility, when you don’t have turmeric is:

  • 1 Tbsp. sage powder
  • 1 Tbsp. salt
  • 1 Tbsp. baking soda

I would also consider other antibacterial herbs in powdered form.

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Store grain and more safely

I wanted to share a method that my grandmother passed on to us:

In grain, flour, castings, dried fruit, etc. to be stored, simply add several dried (!) 🌶 hot chillies, black peppercorns and if necessary also a few bay leaves along with them….

Beetles and moths are reliably kept away by this 👍🏼.

Author: Kokosblüte

Picture by Jill Wellington on Pixabay

Dieser Post ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

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Transferring contents from other places

I wrote quite some articles on various blogs and those I will transfer with their original date to this website to make sure they will “survive” if one of those places vanish in the dark – it already happened more than once and there come the day when “enough is enough”. So please do not wonder if you find old blogs around that were created well before the setup of this website.

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Translating this website

Well, I decided to go for a managed WordPress website. There is a moment, when you have to decide if you want to care about the back-end yourself or if you want to concentrate on contents. The decision was not easy, since I would have preferred Drupal to some extent for it’s great localization tools. WordPress does not offer similar free tools and often the plugins are backed with machine translation, which is somewhat useless for me.

It will be fun to see this site develop. I will use categories for the various languages. This is very much working “old style html” without needing to write code.

Let’s see how this is going to work out.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay