I am glad that you have found your way to my website. After I first decided to go for manual programming since CMS take a lot of time, in particular when, during updates, something goes wrong, I now decided to migrate everything to an managed WordPress installation. I just don’t have the time to care about the software. Statistics about access data etc. are also rather irrelevant for me, because a lot of content is created based on a question that comes from whoever. The different sections are linked below. We will see how all this can work out when it comes to the website navigation. And by the way: the German and English versions of this website can also develop in completely different ways. I will not always be able to write everything in both languages. It will also rarely be a real translation.

The texts on this website are subject to various licenses. These are always provided at the end of the text and regulate the way in which the texts may be used. If nothing is indicated, they are subject to “All rights reserved” and may only be used with my explicit permission. For this purpose please send me an e-mail. Linking is explicitly allowed.


This section is currently under construction. Little by little other projects will be added.

  • StepsToSelfSufficiency: Here you will find contents about gardening, cooking, preserving food, herbs, etc. foraging and wool processing.
  • Quotes I am collecting over time will be stored in this place.