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Which carb creates less hunger?

This is the answer to a question in the Beck’s Basics group on Telegram. The actual question was about rice vs. pasta.

Did you ever try millet instead of rice? It is a whole grain and lasts much longer. Polished rice is pure carbs and creates sugar spikes in the blood which leads to loads of insulin to be created which leads to a sharp fall of blood sugars and that leads to hunger. So you need types of carbohydrates that need longer to be digested. Millet, amaranth, quinoa, chia seeds (this one has loads of protein and fewer carbs, which is even better). Look for fewer carbohydrates and more protein in food. Our body deals well with proteins, but has problems with too many carbohydrates (due to sugar spikes). Modern wheat is heavily changed. Take a look at spelt, einkorn and other old grain varieties. These keep you full for a longer time.

Let me add fenugreek to this list 🙂

Image by Pictavio from Pixabay