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Sunburn on crops

I am really not sure if this is actually kind of a sunburn, but mainly the leaves of peas and beans are having some kind of trouble with the sun. I cannot move the two pots with peas on my balcony into shade, but I could do this with the beans. The peas got more or less devastated. They went all dry, while the beans only have some parts of the leaves “burnt”. No, it is not a pest, it can only be the sun. I have a similar situation in the garden: the peas got burnt completely (maybe their leaves are thinner) and the beans have some damage on the leaves that are completely exposed to the sun. Plants with thicker leaves don’t have any problems up to now. On Saturday morning I was out in the early morning sun to water my pots and within 10 minutes I got a sunburn. This should mean that too many UV rays from the sun come through our atmosphere. Which should mean that the atmosphere is weakened.