StepsToSelfSufficiency has various meanings. I would simply say: steps towards a simpler, greener and more sustainable life. It is how I see it. The individual topics are listed below and are far from being complete. Life is so complex that more and more topics will be added over time.

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This section is currently under construction. Oh well … maybe it will be under construction for ever. There are soooo many topics. As soon as the section’s caption is linked, you will also find contents.

  • Garden and gardening: Anyone can do it. There is room for plants even in the smallest apartment. Here we talk about: “What can I grow?” and “How can I grow?”.
  • Books: A list of the books I own. And maybe a wish list.
  • Cooking and preserving: New and old recipes – it will be exciting.
  • Foraging and weeds: All you can find in the woods and fields – and also in the garden.
  • Medicinal plants: Plants that once were used in medicine, well some of them are still being used today.