Booklets in pdf format

Some time ago I decided to write a book mainly related to gardening, but talking about my weekly food plans, harvests, foraging etc. I received questions that I answered. And these questions are the basis for the booklets. Adding some stories and contents from antique books fill in the gaps. If you have questions, don't hesitate and ask. I will try to answer as soon as possible.

I also was asked on how people may support my work, which is completely free of charge: well I have a separate paypal account. If you wish to help to create these pages, please use the e-mail address (_at_ to be substituted with @) for PayPal. Thank you so much!


StepsToSelfsufficiency - First steps

This first volume contains a basic mealplan, which I used for quite a long time when living it Italy. Also today I have such a basic plan, but regularly substitute meals. I always needed some kind of preparedness due to health issues in the family and I cannot tell you how convenient it is, when you do not need to think about grocery shopping in difficult moments. So this is for you to start off with, to create your very own plan. It is an introduction to first crops you might want to grow as well as rewrites of historical texts.

This booklet is for anyone who considers some basic preparedness and wants some ideas on how to start and based on that wants to develop own ideas.

Download the pdf-version by clicking on this link.